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Asian PornAsian couple fucks rough before calling it a night
1 year ago

Asian couple fucks rough before calling it a night

This is what happens when old flames reignite at the most unexpected of times, they burn together with pleasure. Sure they had a bit of a bad breakup few years back but meeting unexpectedly at a common friend’s wedding and discovering that they are both single, this opened the possibility for a comeback. No, not really the way we thought though, not to get back together for love because they are already past it. But they do remember well how they confessed to be each other’s bests fuck buddies. That is how they met anyways, blind dates who ended up banging each other so rough, they’d wake a neighborhood up in the middle of the night. This is what kept them together but just for the fun booty calls. And since they are both single and bored with sleeping around with people they have no interest in, they’re back to fucking each other every single day, moaning and screaming with extreme pleasure just like the old days. They warm each other up pretty quick and still make each other so horny, it feels like they never parted ways for a long time, which is why jack hammering her wet hole and making her scream like a naughty teenage chick experiencing her first cock made him fuck her rougher.

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